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December 6, 2019

Why We Don't Offer Email Service With Our Hosting

Written by Kevin Hicks

ROI Web Hosting offers fast website hosting designed for Canadian business owners who care about lead generation online. As a marketing company at heart, we make a point of focusing our effort and time on making your website profitable for you. That often means we need to prioritize based on what will most effectively bring you more leads.

Server Reputation Explained

Managing emails on a server can often be a full-time affair because one compromised email address can affect all the email addresses on the entire web hosting server. This is because each server has an online reputation based on the emails it sends out. If one email address sends out spam, email clients no longer trust any emails coming from any email address on that same server, rejecting all emails whether or not your business was the culprit.

How Emails Are Compromised

There are 2 main reasons email addresses could be compromised:

  1. A business sends out a mass enewsletter-style email or a series of emails that could be misinterpreted as spam.
  2. Users create weak passwords, making their email addresses vulnerable to being hacked and taken advantage of for spamming others.

Considering these possibilities, the risk involved, and the resources it takes to rebuild a server's reputation, ROI Web Hosting no longer offers email service so that we can concentrate on getting you more leads through the Internet to grow your business.

Support for Email Service

Email service is its own specialization, and we highly recommend either of the top two companies dedicated to this field: Google's G Suite for Business or Microsoft's Office 365. For a one-time fee, we can help you set up your domain-name email addresses with either of these companies, and both offer free support with their email service packages thereafter. As an alternative, we can also recommend IT specialists who can help your business set up and manage email accounts.

Contact us today for more information on transitioning your email accounts.

Kevin Hicks

Kevin Hicks

Kevin has been an Internet marketing professional since 2003. He has a strong passion towards helping businesses succeed using his creative and focused approach to Internet marketing.

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