ROI Web Hosting offers security patch updates to your website to upgrade WordPress or Joomla to the latest version. These updates should be done at the very least every 6 months. This article is to remind you to update your website to stay secure, and prevent attacks on your website and/or loss of data. Why do I need to update my plugins and core WordPress/Joomla? WordPress and Joomla are examples of popular open source content management systems (CMS) that are free to use and are developed by a community of developers. Most business websites are using one of these options. Your…

New Website Launch

May 29, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
We are excited to launch our new website. Let us know what you think!

Transfer Your Website to ROI Web Hosting

May 29, 2016 Written by Kevin Hicks
If you are looking for more from you web hosting company and feel limited with your current company contact us today to transfer your website to ROI Web Hosting. Things to consider switching to a new web hosting: Are they able to help you with web updates? Can they give you advice on gaining more leads to your website? Will they be able to fix your website if you have a security threat or hacked website? Do they offer a backup system to restore your website to a previous version? Can they help you redesign your new website? Do they…

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Web Hosting For Business Owners

Proud supporter of small businesses in Canada. Located in Vancouver, British Columbia we offer eco-friendly seo web hosting, website security, email setup, web design and web marketing. 



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